General Applications for Membership

One of the most asked questions is where do I get a application card. The cards are behind both bars at the club and they must be given to new applicants by a active member. NO CARDS CAN OR WILL BE MAILED OUT. There is no place to download an application card on the website. Please make sure you give out current application cards if they do not have a place for an e-mail address they are outdated. Outdated cards will slow down the application process. We need a e-mail address so we can contact you, if you do not have one check with your family and list one of theirs so we can contact you through them.

The club has
two procedures for each application to go through, Waiting List and Membership List.

Waiting List

All applicants are placed on a waiting list before they are processed for actual membership.  At the present time applicants are received all year, and are processed all year. A applicant must be at least 18 years of age at the time the applications are submitted. A club member must give out an membership applicant card to the new applicant. The cub member is attesting to the character of the new applicant by giving him a application. If the club member doesn't know the applicant he should not be handing out cards. The applicant fills out membership application card, "introduced by" must be CURRENT member with badge number. Card must be filled out completely if not it will be returned to the applicant and this will delay the application.

Applicant pays non-refundable application fee which currently is $20.00 this goes toward his initiation fee if he gets voted in.
Card must be mailed into club.

Club receives card, it is forwarded to Board of Directors for their consideration and they vote to approve the applicant for the
waiting list.
If approved the card it is forward to the General Membership Meeting where the membership votes on the applicant. If approved the applicant is now put on the
"waiting list". Waiting list is compiled by the date in which the cards are post marked by the post office. Oldest card is first and so on.
Cards will not be placed on waiting list until the have been approved by both votes. This procedure can take as little as a month or longer depending on various uncontrollable circumstances.

At present the Board of Directors only meeting on the
first Tues of each month and the General Membership meets on the 3rd Tues of each month.

Membership List

After the application is on waiting list..…And passes background check.

The Club has a limited amount of membership slots, If there are NO open membership slots the application card remains on the waiting list until such time as a opening occurs.

If there is a open membership slot the applicant is contacted and directed to send in the balance of his fee ($400.00 Initiation fee minus the $20.00 for the application fee and yearly membership fee currently $200.00 for a total of $580.00. When the payment is received it is forwarded to the next Board of Directors meeting where the application is voted on by Board of Directors as a new member. If application is acted on after June 30th your first year membership fee will be prorated (Not your initiation fee). You will be contacted by the membership chairman advising the amount.  Below is the prorated amounts by month.
    July $480.02                  Oct $430.01
    Aug $463.35                  Nov $413.34
    Sept $446.68                 Dec $396.67

A. If approved by the Board of Directors then application is forwarded to the General Membership Meeting. The general membership votes on accepting the applicant for membership if approved the person is contacted and he will be assigned a Badge number and is almost a member.
General Membership meeting is the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  Do not attend a meeting until you have been notified that you are a new member. We do not want applicants at the meeting they are being voted on as a new member.

B. He will then have to attend orientation meeting. You get credit for one hour for attending orientation meeting toward your work hour fees. You do not have access to club until you have completed your orientation meeting.

A letter will be mailed to you after your election explaining who you need to contact for your orientation meeting.  Do nothing until you receive this letter.

C. If not approved by the Board of Directors or General Membership meeting the application is denied and all money is refunded to the applicant and the procedure is terminated.

I hope this clears up any questions on the application process for new members. If you have any questions please review your rules booklet. Just as a point of information the Membership Chairman does NOT GET APPLICATION CARDS DIRECTLY OR PAYMENTS, He may not have knowledge of any applications until the cards are given to him at the Board of Directors meeting or at the General Membership Meeting. Due to this….. time delays are normal. He never knows when the fees are deposited.

We use e-mail for our main means of communications, if you don't have e-mail address does you wife or children have one that the information can get to you?  if so list their e-mail address on your application card.