Inactive Membership

What is Inactive membership? When a member is on Inactive membership his yearly dues are reduced to $50.00. He is sent a access card and has all the membership rights as a normal member with rights to use the club if he comes back in town.

To be an inactive member our By-laws statue you must live at least 100 miles from the cub.

Please let me know if you feel you live far enough away to be on the inactive list and I will forward it to the Board of Directors for you.

A member who has:
a. Moved out of town or
b. Who is physically unable to make use of the Club may apply to the Board of Directors in writing for inactive membership.

The applicant must have been an active member for at least 1 (one) year before applying for inactive status. This entitles the member to make use of club facilities if he returns for a visit. The fee is set annually at the November meeting and is due January 1. Membership is terminated if not paid by February 1.

Members requesting to be on the Inactive list must provide the membership chairman with an out of town address. Member must have permanent
residence over one hundred (100) miles away from club in order to be on the inactive list. If, at any time, there is a question of a current address where the member is residing, the member will be removed from the inactive list and the following year will be restored to the active list, with current dues. Once a member has been moved back to regular list he is ineligible for inactive membership unless he appears before the board of directors or writes to the board and explains his request. Members who work out of town and return to the area on weekends are ineligible for inactive membership.


a. College students who are members attending a full time out of town institution and living with parent's when not attending collage are not required to provide out of town address.

b. Members who are physically unable to make use of the club do not have to provide out of town address.

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