Active Military
Updated June 27, 2023

If you are a member of the club and join the military and go on Active Military duty, notify the Membership Chairman. Dues and work hours for active military are waved while you are serving.

If you are in the reserves and go on Active Duty, and will be on Active Duty for at least a year, let us know so we can wave your dues. Two weeks training and temporary Active Duty do not qualify. You must be on Active Duty for at least a year or more.

Fill out our form for updating your membership information and click on reason; "I am going into the Military" and send us an email stating your departure date and expected return date if known. Your badge number will change to a Military badge number. Click HERE for the form. Please notify the Membership Chairman by email when you return from Active Duty. You will revert back to a regular member from that point on.

Thank You in advance for serving our country…..

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