Work Hours
Updated June 27, 2023
Each year when the dues slips are mailed out, our Work Hour Chairman gets questioned about the work hours fee. Below, we will try and explain what work hours are.
Some years past the Club was looking for a way to encourage members to use the club and they also found that work hours could keep the cost of your yearly dues lower by keeping the cost of routine maintenance down. They started the work hours program. The work hour fee is currently $100.00 per year and is billed on the "Dues Slip" you receive in December of each year.

Each member of the club, 62 or younger, has a choice of donating 10 hours of service to the club in exchange for deleting $100.00 off his "work hour fee". What this means is you can donate time to the club on workdays and receive $10.00 off your work hour fee for each hour donated up to a total of 10 hours. You can also receive a credit for one hour of work for each membership meeting you attend, provided that you fill out the attendance sheet passed around at the meeting and stay for the meeting.

"Work Hours" are meant to be hours you work during a SCHEDULED WORKDAY, or another workday the club might have. See the Calendar in the front club house on the door to the back room, next to the phone, for scheduled work days. Work Hours are not meant to take the place of helping do things you would be doing anyway if you were there. Like helping at the bar during a meeting, or a monthly/weekly trap shoot. Things that you would be doing as you enjoy the club. If you help during an event it must be a Bob White Club event like spring/fall trap shoot (IE: Turkey shoot, Ham shoot), or cooking dinner for monthly Membership meeting or maintenance of club grounds.

Example: "youth shoots" are not a Bobwhite Club event, They are not sponsored by the Bobwhite Club. They are an approved group using the club grounds and do not count toward your work hours. The Board of Directors or General Membership would have to approve an event outside of a Bobwhite club event for work hours.

IF YOU DO ANY WORK HOURS YOU MUST FILL OUT A PAPER STATING NAME and BADGE #, DATE OF WORK, AMOUNT OF HOURS OF WORK AND WHAT YOU DID. Drop it down the deposit chute below the phone which is behind the bar in the front club house. The work hour Chairman will record your work hours in his spreadsheet and they will be deducted from your work hour fee.If you do not fill out this paper you will not get credit for your work. No one else is going to fill this out for you. Because annual Due slips are sent out the first week of December, work hours are calculated starting December 1 and go to November 30th the following year. Work hours done after November 30th will be recorded on the following year's records. That gives us time to mail the dues slips out in the first week of December each year which will reflect the work hours completed from December 1 of the previous year to November 30 of the current year.

If you need things to do outside of a scheduled workday, contact the Caretaker and he can assign you jobs to do. Please do this during convenient times for the Caretaker. He is off on Sundays so please contact him during the week and not on Sundays. Workdays are sometimes scheduled by Bobwhite Club chairmen of events so they may, at times, contact members asking for help for an event. If you participate, those hours will be recorded by the event chairman and be deducted from your work hour fee.

Note: The work hours Chairman is posting a current listing of each badge number on the main web site (Work Hours) with their work hours total. This allows you to look at your work hours total. He doesn't post every day so it might be a little behind.

If you have any questions about your work hours contact Work Hours Chairman Tom Laswell. His email address is

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