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Hunting updated 2/22/23


Pendleton County Property Chairman





BWC - Pendleton Cty Hunting Rules








Pendleton Cty Property Line Marking...this will take several members to walk and mark the entire PC property line.
Saturday, March 11, 2023 meet @ BWC 8am then drive out to the Pendleton Cty Property


2022 Pendleton County Deer Hunting
Lottery Results for hunting the Pendleton County property

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Reminder:  All stands must be removed at the end of the season

The orange cards you need when you hunt the property are in the clubhouse behind the bar

The use of ATV's / Quad Runners on the clubs Pendleton County property is "Restricted to Member Hunting Purposes ONLY".

Two maps of the Pendleton County property have been made.

1.      One will be kept in the club house.  Please mark the location of your tree stand or ground blind on the map in the clubhouse by marking your member number at the approximate location on the map.  A yellow grease pencil will be available to mark the map.  No permanent markers.

This map should allow the membership to know where stands and blinds are located on the property during turkey & deer seasons.  Do not hunt a blind or stand that is not yours unless you contact the owner first.  This is as much a courtesy as a safety issue.  A member list by member number will be available in the club house. 

2.      A second map will be located inside the main barn at the Pendleton county property.
Members who are hunting from a blind or stand are asked to check in and out at the barn by placing your member number on the map where you are going to hunt. Please remove your member number from the map when you leave the property.  A yellow grease pencil will be available to mark the map.  No permanent markers.

The intent of this map is to allow members that want to small game hunt, fish, sight your rifle, or just enjoy a walk on the property, to avoid those that are deer or turkey hunting from a blind or stand.  Again, this is as much a courtesy as a safety issue.


The Bobwhite Club owns nearly 363 acres of land in southern Pendleton County. We currently have an ongoing project to restore native grasses to the land. It is also reserved for members only hunting.

2019 Aerial map of Pendleton County Property

2014 Aerial map of Pendleton County Property


Photos from the Pendleton County property