The Bobwhite Club

10446 S. Licking Pike

  Claryville, Ky  41001



Updated 2/16/2022


Rifle chairman

Mike Wade
(859) 512-2098



Pistol chairman

Mike Crum












BWC Rifle Range, with 50, 100, and 200 yard targets

The Rifle & Pistol Ranges are now fully open thanks to some of our hardworking members.  Please use safely.

Safety Notice

Reminder:  No one is allowed to discharge a weapon while the farmer is in his fields beyond the trap and rifle ranges.  You will lose your membership if you violate this rule.


Note: Please pick up all brass when you finish shooting, especially live rounds. Left lying around, spent or live ammo is a hazard to children and adults, and can be very dangerous or deadly when hit by a lawn mower!

 Use your head!


Also, please remember that you cannot use ANY centerfire cartridges on the range on Sundays before 12:00 noon

NO TRACER ROUNDS to be used on the range.


'Thank You' goes to Rick Mueller for installing the hand rails on rifle range steps.